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BS EN ISO 3167:2014 pdf free

BS EN ISO 3167:2014 pdf free.Plastics一Multipurpose test specimens
BS EN ISO 3167 specifies requirements relating to multipurpose test specimens for plastic moulding materials intended for processing by injection or direct compression moulding.
Specimens of types A and B are tensile test specimens from which, with simple machining, specimens for a variety of other tests can be taken (see Annex A). Because they have such wide utility, these tensile specimens are referred to in this International Standard as multipurpose test specimens.
The principal advantage of a multipurpose test specimen is that it allows all the test methods mentioned in Annex A to be carried out on the basis of comparable mouldings. Consequently, the properties measured are coherent as all are measured with specimens in the same state. In other words, it can be expected that test results for a given set of specimens will not vary appreciably due to unintentionally different moulding conditions. On the other hand, if desired, the influence of moulding conditions and/or different states of the specimens can be assessed without difficulty for all of the properties measured.
For quality-control purposes, the multipurpose test specimen can serve as a convenient source of further specimens not readily available. Furthermore, the fact that only one mould is required may be advantageous.
The use of multipurpose test specimens is to be agreed upon by the interested parties, because there may be significant differences between properties of the multipurpose test specimens and those specified in the relevant test methods.
Machining of test specimens shall be performed either as specified in ISO 2818 or as agreed upon by the interested parties.
Test specimens having a width of 10 mm shall be cut symmetrically from the central parallel-sided portion of the multipurpose test specimen.
The surface of the central parallel-sided portion of the test specimen shall remain as moulded:
一The width of the machined portions of the specimen shall be not less than that of the central parallel-sided portion, but may exceed the width of the latter by not more than 0,2 mm.
一During the machining operation, care shall be taken to avoid any damage to the moulded surfaces of the central portion.
For test specimens longer than 80 mm, the broad ends of the type A multipurpose test specimen (or type B for test specimens longer than 60 mm) shall be machined to the width of the central parallel-sided portion.BS EN ISO 3167 pdf download.

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