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BS EN ISO 28319:2018 pdf free

BS EN ISO 28319:2018 pdf free.Dentistry – Laser welding and filler materials
The metallic filler material and the metallic material each shall be from one lot. It shall be sufficient to prepare the specimens as required in 6.1 and 6.2 including provision for a second set for tensile testing.Further samples and packaging materials shall be made available for inspection in accordance with 9.2.
If the proof strength values of 0,2 % non-proportional extension of the one or two metallic materials to be joined by laser welding are available from a test report according to ISO 22674, these data can be used. If not, perform the tests according to ISO 22674 to determine the required values of proof strength of 0,2 % non-proportional extension.
The specimens consist of the metallic materials joined by laser welding either with or without using a filler material according to the instructions for use. For casting alloys to be tested prepare the test specimens by the “Iost wax process” of investment casting. Methods other than casting may be recommended by the manufacturer for the metallic material to be tested for suitability for laser welding.Use such a method, if recommended by the manufacturer. Follow the instruction for use relating to the processing of the metallic material(s) and if applicable the filler material including the use of necessary aids and casting and welding equipment.
Specimens with visible defects shall be discarded and replaced. Specimens shall be separated from sprues, casting beads/ runners, fins and other projections. Surface contaminations shall be removed.
The specimens shall be in the metallurgical state(s) appropriate to their intended application(s).
If a heat-treatment is recommended by the manufacturer, perform the tests in the heat-treated state in accordance with the instruction for use.
If laser welding is recommended following ceramic firing, the simulated ceramic firing of the specimens shall be in accordance with ISO 22674:2016, 7.2.3, and shall be applied before laser welding.BS EN ISO 28319 pdf download.

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