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BS EN ISO 18854:2015 pdf free

BS EN ISO 18854:2015 pdf free.Small craft一Reciprocating internal combustion engines exhaust emission measurement The emission of gaseous and particulate components by the engine submitted for testing shall be measured by the methods described in Clauses 17 and 18. These clauses describe the recommended analytical systems for the gaseous emissions (Clause 17) and the recommended particulate dilution and sampling systems (Clause 18).
Other systems or analysers may be accepted if they yield equivalent results. The determination of system equivalency shall be based on a seven-sample pair (or larger) correlation study between the system under consideration and one of the accepted systems in this International Standard. “Results” refers to the specific cycle weighted emissions value. The correlation testing is to be performed at the same laboratory, test cell, and on the same engine. The tests shall be run concurrently. The test cycle to be used shall be the appropriate cycle. The equivalency of the sample pair averages shall be determined by F-test and t-test statistics (see ISO 8178-1:2006, Annex D), with outliers excluded, and obtained under the laboratory cell and the engine conditions described above. The systems to be used for correlation testing shall be declared prior to the test and shall be agreed upon by the parties involved.
For the introduction of a new system into the document, the determination of equivalency shall be based upon the calculation of repeatability and reproducibility, as described in ISO 5725-1 and ISO 5725-2.
The following equipment shall be used for emissions tests of engines on engine dynamometers. BS EN ISO 18854 does not contain details offlow, pressure, and temperature measuring equipment.Instead, only the accuracy requirements of such equipment necessary for conducting an emissions test are given in 8.4.
An engine dynamometer with adequate characteristics to perform the appropriate test cycle shall be used.The instrumentation for torque and speed measurement shall allow the measurement accuracy of the shaft power within the given limits. Additional calculations may be necessary. The accuracy of the measuring equipment shall be such that the maximum tolerances of the figures given in 8.4 are not exceeded.BS EN ISO 18854 pdf download.


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