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BS EN ISO 1716:2018 pdf free

BS EN ISO 1716:2018 pdf free.Reaction to fire tests for products – Determination of the gross heat of combustion
The samples defined in 7.2 shall be reduced gradually to provide the final test sample. Grinding shall be carried out in such a way that no thermal decomposition takes place. Grind the sample and reduce it with a method of cross-reduction, grinding to a finer powder as reduction proceeds.
If the sample cannot be ground, reduce it by any appropriate method into small granules or pieces which should be as small as possible, and treat the specimens obtained as a powder.
In the case of homogeneous material which, when ground, clearly separates into components of different density, so that a 0,5 g sample of the product, when taken from the ground powder, is not representative of the original product with respect to the proportion of the materials present, reduce the sample by any appropriate method, e.g. by sawing the sample into thin discs or by cutting it with a knife into small pieces. If this preparation is not possible, testing shall be conducted on the individual ingredients used in the manufacture of that product. The individual QPcs values for these ingredients shall be used together with the proportion by mass of the ingredients in the final product to calculate the overall Qpcsvalue for the product.
If a fine powder can be obtained by grinding (see 7.4), the test specimen shall be prepared using the crucible method (see 7.9). If a fine powder cannot be obtained by grinding and/or a complete combustion cannot be obtained when using the crucible method, the test shall be conducted by using either the “cigarette” method (see 7.10) or the crucible method utilizing a combustion aid, e.g. paraffin oil.
The powdered specimen, the benzoic acid and the cigarette-making paper shall be conditioned before testing in accordance with EN 13238 or ISO 554.BS EN ISO 1716 pdf download.

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