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BS EN ISO 13918:2018 pdf free

BS EN ISO 13918:2018 pdf free.Welding – Studs and ceramic ferrules for arc stud welding
The durability of studs is dependent on their use and the environmental exposure to which they are subject.
The mechanical durability of studs is ensured for a reasonable economic working life if the studs comply with the requirements of this document.
Nominal dimensions are listed in Tables 3 to 16. Other lengths of studs and threads may be used by agreement between contracting parties. Divergence in outline shape, finish or dimensions shall be permitted, provided the welding area complies with the specifications of the said tables.
The length after welding, 12, is a design value. By proper control of the welding, it is possible to keep variations in l2 to within +1 mm. Under special conditions, for example, through-deck stud welding, l2 may be constantly different from the nominal value.
The form of the central part of the stud tip comprised inside the diameter d/3 for stud types FD, UD, SD (d2/3 for stud types MD, PD, RD, ID) shall be at the manufacturer’s discretion. The tip shall be at the manufacturer’s discretion in the case of flux in the form of a press-fitted aluminium ball (e.g. flattened in the centre with a diameter not exceeding 0,5 d1).
Run-in and run-out for threads is at the manufacturer’s discretion.
The dimensions of stud collars shown in Figures 1 to 8 and given in Tables 3 to Z and 9 and 10 are guidance values and may generally be achieved in welding position PA in accordance with ISO 6947. The weld collars shown in Figures 1 to 8 are subject to variations regarding evenness and shape.
Details left unspecified shall be at the manufacturer’s discretion. This shall apply to any modification of the shape of the stud outside the welding area, e.g. drillings and slots, provided the weldability is not affected.
As long as no tolerances are specified for special dimensions in this document, tolerances on dimensions, form and position shall be such as to comply with product grade A as specified in ISO 4759-1.BS EN ISO 13918 pdf download.


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