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BS EN ISO 13897:2018 pdf free

BS EN ISO 13897:2018 pdf free.Dentistry – Dental amalgam reusable mixing-capsules
At all times wear the surgical gloves when handling the mixing-capsule, to avoid contaminating the surface.
Take the mixing: capsule and blow oil-free compressed air over the surface to remove any adhering dust. Use the stereomicroscope to inspect the surface of the mixing-capsule for any remaining contaminant. If any is present, remove it with the brush.
Using the stereomicroscope, inspect the surface of the mixing- capsule for scratches and blemishes. If any are present, make a note of these.
Select the appropriate number of dental mercury sachets to obtain the mass of dental mercury that is recommended for mixing with approximately 600 mg of the dental amalgam alloy, according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the dental amalgam alloy that is to be used. For the mass of dental mercury in these sachets, calculate and weigh out the exact mass of dental amalgam alloy that is required. Place both sachets and dental amalgam alloy in the capsule. Add a pestle (if one is required). Close the capsule.
Place the flld mixing-capsule on a weighing boat and record the mass (mr). This and all subsequent weighings are to be accurate to 0,1 mg.
NOTE 1 It is not necessary to subtract the mass of the weighing boat from the combined mass of flled mixing-capsule and boat. This will be removed during subtraction of the weighing recorded after mixing. It follows that the same weighing boat is to be used for both determinations.
Taking care not to score the surface of the plastic mixing capsule, place the weighed mixing-capsule in the mixing machine.
NOTE 2 Sharp edges on the metal fork (or similar device) that holds the capsule in the mixing machine can cut small amounts of plastic from the mixing-capsule when the necessary force is applied to seat the capsule. Such a loss can affect the result. Mix, using the setting on the mixing machine and mixing time that are recommended by the manufacturer for the mass of dental amalgam alloy that is being mixed.
Once again, taking care not to score its surface, remove the mixing-capsule from the mixing machine. Use the stereomicroscope to inspect the surface for any marks that may have been produced when the mixing-capsule was placed in, or removed from the mixing machine. If any are seen, note these.BS EN ISO 13897 pdf download.


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