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BS EN ISO 13590:2018 pdf free

BS EN ISO 13590:2018 pdf free.Small craft – Personal watercraft – Construction and system installation requirements
A representative electrical system as installed in the personal watercraft, or in an enclosure simulating the personal watercraft, shall not ignite a propane gas and air mixture [volume fraction: 4,25 % to 5,25 % propane] surrounding the electrical system when it is operated in the mode in which it draws its maximum current. The test voltage supply shall be adjusted to 120 % of the nominal system voltage, except for magneto ignition systems.
Except for conductors from self-limiting generators or alternators, each ungrounded current-carrying conductor shall be protected by a manual-reset trip-free circuit breaker or fuse. The fuse or breaker shall be within 180 mm of the origin of the conductor to be protected, as long as the fuse or breaker is sized for the smallest conductor in the circuit,
If a conductor is continuously protected from physical damage by a sheath or enclosure between its terminal ends, the maximum distance to its protecting fuse or breaker may be increased to 500 mm from the power source measured along the conductor.
An ungrounded supply conductor starting at a storage battery shall have its breaker or fuse within 900 mm of the battery, measured along the conductor (see Figure 1).
The voltage rating of each circuit breaker or fuse shall not be less than the nominal voltage of the circuit it is protecting.
The current ratings of the circuit breaker or fuse shall not be more than 150 % of the value in Table 4 for the conductor it is protecting, including the correction factor if any part of the conductor is in an engine compartment.
All connections outside junction boxes or enclosures shall be made with closed ring, eyelet, captive spade, or mechanical or spring-lock-type connectors. Wire nuts shall not be used on any connection.
Single or multi-connector plugs outside junction boxes or enclosures shall not separate under a tensile force of 25 N applied for 1 min.
A soldered joint shall not be the sole means of connection to any conductor, except for battery-terminal connectors with soldered joints at least 1,5 times longer than the diameter of the conductor strands.BS EN ISO 13590 pdf download.


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