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BS EN ISO 12944-1:2017 pdf free

BS EN ISO 12944-1:2017 pdf free.Paints and varnishes一Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems
ISO 12944-2 describes the corrosion stresses produced by the atmosphere, by different types of water and by soil. It defines atmospheric-corrosivity categories and indicates the corrosion stresses to be expected in situations where steel structures are immersed in water or buried in soil. The corrosion stresses to which a steel structure is exposed represent one essential parameter governing the selection of appropriate protective paint systems in accordance with ISO 12944-5.
ISO 12944-3 gives information on basic design criteria for steel structures for the purpose of improving their resistance to corrosion. It gives examples of suitable and unsuitable designs, indicating, with the help of diagrams, which structural elements and combinations of elements are likely to cause accessibility problems during surface preparation work and when applying, inspecting and maintaining paint systems. In addition, design features which facilitate the handling and transport of steel structures are discussed.
ISO 12944-4 describes different types of surface to be protected and gives information on mechanical, chemical and thermal surface preparation methods. It deals with surface preparation grades, surface profile (roughness ), assessment of prepared surfaces, temporary protection of prepared surfaces, preparation of temporarily protected surfaces for further coatings, preparation of existing metal coatings, and environmental aspects. As far as possible, reference is made to the basic International Standards on the surface preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products. ISO 12944-4 is intended to be read in conjunction with ISO 12944-5 and ISO 12944-7.
ISO 12944-5 describes different generic types of paints on the basis of their chemical composition and the type of film formation process. It gives examples of various protective paint systems that have proved suitable for structures exposed to corrosive stresses and corrosivity categories described in
ISO 12944-2, reflecting current knowledge on a world-wide scale. ISO 12944-5 is intended to be read in conjunction with ISO 12944-6.
ISO 12944-6 specifies laboratory test methods that are to be used when the performance of protective paint systems is to be assessed. It is particularly intended for paint systems for which sufficient practical experience is not yet available and covers testing of paint systems designed for application to steel prepared by blast-cleaning, to hot-dip-galvanized steel and to thermally sprayed metallic coatings. Atmospheric environments and immersion in water (fresh, brackish or sea water) are also covered.BS EN ISO 12944-1 pdf download.

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