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BS EN ISO 12696:2016 pdf free

BS EN ISO 12696:2016 pdf free.Cathodic protection of steel in concrete
Concrete cover distribution and embedded steel and reinforcement size and position measurements shall be carried out in order to assess whether the anode/cathode spacing will be adequate for the particular anode system envisaged, and to identify dense regions of steel or reinforcement which may require high current density. Shielding of the steel to be protected, caused by embedded metal meshes,metal fibres or plates, plastic sheets or non-conductive repair materials, which could impair the efficiency of cathodic protection, shall be assessed. Possible short-circuits between reinforcing steel and impressed current anodes shall be assessed.
For buried or immersed structures or zones, the concrete cover may be less significant if the anode system is to comprise anodes buried or immersed and located some distance from the structure.
Drawings of reinforcement and other steel elements shall be checked for continuity which shall then be proven on site by measuring the electrical resistance and/or potential difference between bars in locations remote from each other across the structure. Testing shall be as specified in 7.1 for the purpose of confirming cathodic protection feasibility and providing design information. This shall include at least an assessment of the following on a representative basis:
a) electrical continuity between elements of the structure within each zone of the cathodic protection system;
b) electrical continuity of reinforcement within elements of the structure;
c) electrical continuity of metallic items, other than reinforcement, to the reinforcement itself.
At the subsequent repair and installation stage, reinforcement and other steel electrical continuity shall be further checked in accordance with the methods, and to the extent specified in 7.1.
Representative areas, both damaged and apparently undamaged, shall be surveyed for reinforcement/steel corrosion activity, using portable reference electrodes conforming to 6.3.2.
Measurements shall be taken, preferably on an orthogonal grid, at a maximum spacing of 500 mm.
NOTE 1 It is not necessary to carry out a steel/concrete potential survey of the entire structure. It is appropriate to survey, in more detail, those areas where reference electrodes are planned to be permanently installed, in order to place them in most anodic and other suitable locations.BS EN ISO 12696 pdf download.

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