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BS EN ISO 12100-1:2003 pdf free

BS EN ISO 12100-1:2003 pdf free.Safety of machinery – Basic concepts, general principles for design
interlocking device  interlock
mechanical, elecrical or other type of device, the purpose of which is to prevent the operation of hazardous machine functions under specified conditions (generally as long as a guard is not closed)
enabling device
additional manually operated device used in conjunction with a start control and which, when continuously actuated, allows a machine to function
NOTE IEC 60204-1:1997, gives provisions on enabling devices.
hold-to-run control device
control device which initiates and maintains hazardous machine functions only as long as the manual control (actuator) is actuated
two-hand control device
control device which requires at least simultaneous actuation by both hands in order to initiate and to maintain hazardous machine functions, thus providing a protective measure only for the person who actuates it
NOTE ISO 13851 gives detailed provisions.
sensitive protective equipment (SPE)
equipment for detecting persons or parts of persons which generates an appropriate signal to the control system: to reduce risk to the persons detected. The signal may be generated when a person or part of a person goes beyond a predetermined limit – e.g. enters a hazard zone – (ripping) or while a person is detected in a predetermined zone (presence sensing). or in both cases
active opto-electronic protective device (AOPD)
device whose sensing function is performed by opto-electronic emitting and receiving elements detecting the interruption of optical radiation, generated within the device, by an opaque object present in the specified detection zone
mechanical restraint device
device which introduces into a mechanism a mechanical obstacle (e.g. wedge, spindle, strut, scotch) which, by virtue of its own strength, can prevent any hazardous movement
limiting device
device which prevents a machine or hazardous machine condition(s) from exceeding a designed limit (e.g.space limit, pressure limit, load moment limit)
limited movement control device
control device, a single actuation of which, together with the control system of the machine, permits only a limited amount of travel of a machine element
impeding device
any physical obstacle- e. g. low barrier, rail一which, without totally preventing access to a hazard zone, reduces the probability of access to this zone by offering an obstruction to free access
safety function
function of a machine whose failure can result in an immediate increase of the risk(s).BS EN ISO 12100-1 pdf download.

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