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ISO 81346-12:2018 pdf free

ISO 81346-12:2018 pdf free.Industrial systems, installations and equipment and industrial products
The product-oriented structure describes how a system is implemented and assembled. The structure shows the partitioning of a system into single objects with regard to the product aspect independently of where the product is located and which function it fulfils.
In the context of the product aspect, terms of tangible products include plant complex, plant, technical equipment, component, wall, column and slab.
A product can realize one or more functions, for example a heat exchanger can heat or cool, and an ornament can be used for covering and for providing a presentation of some artwork. Several control functions can be implemented in one control system unit.
A product can, alone or together with others, be located at one or more locations, for example a measuring system with location of measuring unit and displaying unit or a duct system extended to several different locations.
With regard to the structuring and assessment of objects in planning and implementation as preparation of the operation phase, the product-oriented aspect is important, for example for assembling and maintenance.
The product reference designation (-) can be shown in any kind of document, but is typically applied in scaled documents and descriptions, for example product description, construction drawing assembly drawing, explosion drawing, network part drawing and maintenance instruction.
In the building industry a further distinction is made between construction products (e.g. ceilings,walls or columns) and products of the building services (e.g. filters, pumps, chillers or boilers).
The location-oriented structure is based on the topographical structure of a system and/or the environment where the system is located. The structure shows the partitioning of a system with regard to the location aspect. An object in a location-oriented structure can incorporate any number of products and functions.
An object represented in the location-oriented structure can be, for example, a site, a construction complex, a construction entity (a building), a part of a building, a storey or a room as well as an outside areas such as a green area, a park area, a parking area, a street or a sidewalk. For a product composed of a row of cabinets, a cabinet or a row inside a cabinet, each of these may be considered as a location.ISO 81346-12 pdf download.

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