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ISO 20611:2018 pdf free

ISO 20611:2018 pdf free.Adventure tourism一Good practices for sustainability一Requirements and recommendations
In order to avoid disturbing natural habitats, the adventure tourism activity provider shall:
a) take measures to limit interaction with wildlife (e.g. observe from a distance, do not touch, follow or approach, do not feed, avoid direct contact, avoid interfering during sensitive times such as mating, nesting, raising young or in winter);
b) avoid removing or displacing any biological or geological samples (e.g. flora, fauna and objects)which naturally occur in the host region;
c) avoid introducing non-native and invasive species to the host region.
The adventure tourism activity provider should consider using green technology and environmentally friendly structures and practices.
The adventure tourism activity provider should contribute positively to the conservation of the areas of operation, directly or indirectly, by:
a) supporting any organization or any initiative that promotes sustainability (preferably in the region);
b) encouraging participants and local communities to act proactively to ensure the sustainability of their actions;
c) raising awareness about safeguarding and protection of natural resources when in natural areas,informing the authorities with responsibility for environmental preservation or conservation of any anomalies detected in these areas;
d) alerting the relevant authorities of any flora-and-fauna-related issues such as wounded wildlife,poaching, ilgal logging or physical removal of species.
The adventure tourism activity provider should:
a) contribute to programs and initiatives that recognize, promote and respect regional cultural heritage and traditions and cultural values, and contribute to the social and economic development of workers and communities involved in the production chain;
b) consider the mutual social impact that communities have on adventure tourism and that participants of adventure tourism activities have on the local community;
c) recognize the benefits that the development and promotion of adventure tourism activities bring to local communities, including to persons with disabilities, senior citizens, families, as well as the mitigation of the negative impact of visitors on local communities.
The education of local communities and visitors, information sharing and cooperation between interested parties will generate a cohesive program and a more sustainable and marketable destination.ISO 20611 pdf free download.

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