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BS ISO 23529:2016 pdf free

BS ISO 23529:2016 pdf free.Rubber一General procedures for preparing and conditioning test pieces for physical test methods
This equipment is based on commercial slicing machines. The machine consists of a motor- or hand-driven disc cutter of suitable diameter with a movable cutting table which transports the sample to the cutting edge.
An adjustable slow-feed mechanism fitted to the cutting table feeds the rubber forward to the line of cut, and controls the thickness of the slice. Clamping devices shall be available to secure the rubber.The blade shall preferably be lubricated with a dilute aqueous detergent solution to ease the cutting operation.
This equipment is based on commercial leather-slitting machinery, and convenient types are available for cutting strips about 50 mm wide with thicknesses up to about 12 mm. Adjustment shall be possible to vary the thickness of cut, and feed rollers shall be provided to transport the material past the knife.Provision shall be made for maintaining the cutting edge in a sharp condition. Attachments are available for spltting and cutting sections from cable sheathing.
The abrading apparatus shall consist of an abrader with a motor-driven abrasive wheel. It is important that the wheel runs true without vibration, and that the abrasive surface, of aluminium oxide or silicon carbide, is true and sharp. The abrader can be equipped with a slow-feed mechanism so that very light cuts can be made to avoid overheating of the rubber. Suitable means shall be provided for securing the rubber to prevent excessive deformation and for controlled traversing of the rubber against the abrasive wheel.
The apparatus shall consist of either a motor-driven drum on which a helical strip of the abrasive belt is secured, or of two pulleys, one motor-driven and the other adjustable, to tension and align the belt. The abrasive belt shall be of textile or paper or a combination of the two, with the abrasive, of aluminium oxide or silicon carbide, bonded to the surface with a resin which is unaffected by water. Equipment shall be provided for slow feeding of the material to the abrasive belt and for securing the material without excessive deformation.BS ISO 23529 pdf free.


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