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AS NZS 62676.5:2020 pdf free

AS NZS 62676.5:2020 pdf free.Video surveillance systems for use in security applications
The horizontal resolution and vertical resolution shall be indicated by number of lines (equal to lw/ph: line width per picture height). For analogue cameras, it may be expressed as TV lines. The resolution of the centre and the average of the four corners shall be indicated.
NOTE 1 This item represents the “Visual resolution”,, which is the output result of the camera including the performance of lens, image sensor and signal processing, etc. and which is described in “lines” or “TV lines” to express how much the camera can actually resolve. In contrast, the Digital output (e.g. network camera, HDMI, SDI,etc.) expressed in pixels such as VGA(640 x 480) or HD(1280 x 720), which actually is the“Format resolution’,describes the numeric value sampled but does not include the actual performance of components in the camera,and can differ from the result of“Visual resolution”. Pixels of the image sensor are described in and pixels of the output image size are described in 4.5.3. The output signal resolution which can be different from the image sensor pixel is described in 4.5.4 in “lines”.
NOTE 2 In IEC 62676-4, the required object size to monitor or detect etc. is expressed in“pixels”, which relates in this document precisely to the maximum resolution in “Ilines ”.
It shall be expressed in lux [|x] accompanied by F-number value of the lens, the accumulation (exposure) time, and measuring condition, all of which shall be indicated for visible light. The minimum illumination of a camera shall be specified at 30 % contrast (signal level difference between the white and black signal of the test chart), with electronic shutter equal to or shorter than 1/25 s (40 ms) or 1/30 s (33,3 ms). Contrary to the older standards, where the absolute output level was specified, the amplitude/contrast (difference between white and black) of the output level shall be measured in order to take into account the camera’s AGC and to avoid adding set-up (black level) to artificially improve the minimum illumination number.AS NZS 62676.5 pdf free download.

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