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AS NZS 62676.4:2020 pdf free

AS NZS 62676.4:2020 pdf free.Video surveillance systems for use in security applications
Once the site survey and OR is completed the VSS can be designed and a system design proposal and specification needs to be prepared. The design shall take into account the various requirements and location factors identified in the previous stages. At this stage a site plan should be drawn up, including locations for the various key components such as cameras (including field of view), detectors (including range and coverage), control rooms, power supplies, interconnections, etc. See Clause 6 for more details.
Having designed the VSS, a test plan shall be produced to allow any installed system to be suitably proven. This test plan should include all the critical aspects of the VSS, such as image quality, system interconnectivity, coverage, camera view, etc. The purpose is to ensure that the system can be measured against its OR, and proved to be fit for its intended purpose.
See Clause 13 for more information and 6.11.2 for tamper protection testing.The operational requirements clearly state what the customer expects the functions of the system to do. If there is an agreement between the system designer and the customer, the OR could be defined within the system design proposal and specification. If so, this should be clearly stated within the document. The development/design process encourages clear thinking about who will use the VsS, where and when it will be used and, in particular, the purpose of the VSS. It is produced by Vss owners, operators and anyone who intends to use information from the VSS. The later stages of development of the OR shall involve those with the necessary skills to convert statements into a technical specification and test procedures.
Definition of the ability of the system to continue operating despite the existence of adverse circumstances (e.g. ability to continue operating during sudden or unexpected loss of power for a significant or defined length of time, absence of single interconnection paths, whether all or parts of the system have the same requirement).AS NZS 62676.4 pdf free download.

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