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AS NZS 60598.2.3:2015 pdf free

AS NZS 60598.2.3:2015 pdf free.Luminaires Part 2.3: Particular requirements
The provisions of Section 3 of IEC 60598-1 apply. In addition, the following information shall be provided in the instruction leaflet supplied with the luminaire:
a) design attitude (normal operating position);
b) weight including control gear if any;
c) overall dimensions;
d) if intended for mounting more than 8 m above ground level, the maximum projected area subjected to wind force (see;
e) the range of cross-sectional areas of suspension wires suitable for the luminaire, if applicable;
f) suitability for use indoors provided the 10 °C, allowed for the effects of natural air movement, has not been deducted from measured temperature (see 3.12.1);
g) dimensions of the compartment in which the connection box is placed;
h) the torque setting in newton metres to be applied to any bolts or screws which fix the luminaire to its support;
i) maximum mounting height relevant to the selected method for protection against the falling of glass particles.
For flat glass, the glass component is supported over the whole area to ensure that particles will not be scattered upon fragmentation and that movement of the particles is prevented.Shatter the glass with a centre punch at a point 30 mm from the mid-point of one of the longer edges of glass towards the centre.
NOTE 1 A centre punch is a tool made of steel with a sharp point.
For formed glass, the glass component part shall be supported on all the surfaces (example of testing method could be the use of material like sand or a mould). The thickness of the material used as a support surface shall be more than 30 mm. The face of the glass shall be completely covered with an adhesive film in order to avoid any move of the broken particles.Shatter the glass (from the inside or the outside) with a centre punch in the middle of the glass cover.AS NZS 60598.2.3 pdf free download.


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