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AS NZS 4994.4:2018 pdf free

AS NZS 4994.4:2018 pdf free.Temporary edge protection Part 4: Perimeter protection screens
Appropriate documented information, in plain English and SI units, shall be provided for the perimeter protection screens. The information shall identify the supplier. Except where specified otherwise by this Standard, the information shall include at least the following:
(a) A list of all components with descriptions from which each can be identified.
(b) The nominal weight of each component, in kilograms.
(c) Instructions for erection, re-positioning and dismantling the perimeter protection screens.
(d) Guidance for the servicing and inspection of the equipment and the rejection of damaged components.
(e) Details giving sufficient information to determine–
(i) the maximum height of screens between connctions to the supporting structure;
(ii) the maximum freestanding height of screens above highest connection to the supporting structure;
(iii) the maximum horizontal distance the screens can span between connections to the supporting structure;
(iv) the maximum number of platforms supported off a screen and the maximum working load per platform; and
(v) the maximum load that can be placed on a loading platform connected to a screen.
(f) Maximum loads imposed on the supprting structure.
(g) Method of conncting the screen framing to the supporting structure.
(h) Method of safe lifting of screen assemblies by mechanical devices.
(i) Procedure for moving self-climbing screens
(i) Relevant limitations.
As a minimum, the following information, in plain English, shall be provided for maintenance:
(a) Frequency of inspections of an erected screen installation.
(b) Advice on correct storage to minimize weathering of components in store.
(c) Extent of physical or rust damage that will require replacement or repair of a component.
(d) Procedures to repair damage to components.
Alternative design methods and materials that are not specified herein may be used,provided it can be demonstrated that the resulting perimeter protection screen satisfies the strength, stability and operational requirements specified in this Standard.
Service life durability shall be a consideration in any assessment of new materials.AS NZS 4994.4 pdf free download.

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