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AS NZS 3996:2019 pdf free

AS NZS 3996:2019 pdf free.Access covers and grates
The materials used in the manufacture and supply of ;access covers,inspection covers, road grates and frames shall conform to the applicable requirements of this Section. The effects of corrosion, fire durability, thermal expansion, degradation by ultraviolet radiation,serviceability, water absorption, creep, fatigue, impact skid resistance, abrasion and wear shall be taken into account.
Cast metal grates and covers for water industry use (i.e. water supply and sewerage applications) shall be manufactured from spheroidal graphite cast iron (hereafter called ductile iron) conforming to the requirements specified in ISO 1083 or ISO 1 7804 for grades with a specified minimum tensile strength of 500 MPa- -800 MPa as well as a specified minimum elongation of 10%.
Cast metal grates and covers for all other applications shall be either –
(a) flake graphite cast iron (hereafter called grey iron) of a quality not less than that specified in AS 1830 for Grade T- 220; or
(b) ductile iron be in accordance with the requirements specified in AS 1831 for Grade 500/7, or Grade 600/3, as selected by the manufacturer to suit the design and dimensions of the unit.
Polymeric materials are materials that have a structural polymeric component. Such materials comprise both thermoplastic (e.g. polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutylene, nylon, polycarbonate,etc.) and thermosetting materials (e.g. epoxy,polyester,polyurethane, etc.), as well as composite materials that contain a polymeric component,such as fibre reinforced plastic (FRP), sheet moulding (SMC) and bulk moulding compounds (BMC) that can contain any reinforcing material (e.g. glass, cellulose, steel or plastic fibres).
Access covers and grates shall be designated by classes A, B, C, D, E, F and G according to load capacity as set out in Table 3.1. Testing of covers and grates shall be in accordance with Section 4. The design loads as specified in Table 3.1 shall be used for testing.
The appropriate class for a cover or grate depends on the place of installation. Some places of installation, relative to class, are outlined in Table 3.1. The selection of the appropriate class is part of the design process and where there is doubt the stronger class shall be selected. Figure 3.1 provides examples of the load classifications.AS NZS 3996 pdf free download.

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