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AS EN 50089:2013 pdf free

AS EN 50089:2013 pdf free.Cast resin partitions for metal-enclosed gas-filled high-voltage switchgear and controlgear
The enclosures are subjected to only small fluctuations of pressure as the gas- filling density shall be maintained within close limits to ensure satisfactory insulating and arc-quenching properties. Therefore the enclo-sures and hence the partitions are not liable to fatigue due to pressure cycling.
For the foregoing reasons, and to ensure the minimum disturbance, hence reducing the risk of moisture and dust entering the enclosures which would prevent correct electrical operation of the switchgear, no repetition of pressure tests shall be carried out after installation and before placing in service and no periodic inspection of enclosure interiors or pressure tests sha1l be carried out after the equipment is placed in service.
Sufficient examinations shall be made by the partition manufacturer to en-sure that the materials, production and testing comply in a1l respects with the requirements of this standard. Inspections by the users inspec –  tors shall not absolve the switchgear manufacturer from his responsibility to exercise such quality assurance procedures as to ensure that the requi rements and intent of this standard are satisfied.
Since in service most partitions have the same or small differential pres-sure on either side, the significant pressure is that termed the mainte-nance pressure, this will exist when the partition is pressurized on one side and maintenance is being carried out on the other side at a tmospher ic pressure There are designs however, where the partition is pressurized on one side and a tmospheric pressure exists at a11 times on the other side.In both cases the pressure to be considered on the pressurized side of the partition is the pressure at maximum ambient temperature with solar radia-tion effects (where applicable) and rated continuous current (where appli-cable) .
Any suitable cast resin system, liquid or solid and any suitable filler,e. g. alumina or bauxite, may be used provided the requirements of this standard are met.AS EN 50089 pdf free download.

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