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AS 2759:2004 pdf free

AS 2759:2004 pdf free.Steel wire rope – Use, operation and maintenance
The selection of the most suitable steel wire rope for any particular purpose is governed largely by practical experience and generally calls for the best compromise in rope qualities to cope with the loading, the type of equipment and the working conditions (e.g., corrosive conditions, accidental damage). Where long rope life is essential, a high design factor and high bending ratio (radius of bend to radius of rope) should be adopted. New generations of wire rope design incorporate plastic fillers between strands, compacted strands, double-parallel rope design and other means of increasing metallic content. A higher metallic content for a given diameter, resulting in a higher breaking force, may mean that smaller sheave and drum diameters can be used. Other characteristics of these features may improve the ability of the rope to withstand fatigue failures.
Where a rope is removed from service, the user should ensure that any replacement rope possesses properties at least equivalent to those of the rope being discarded.
Several desired qualities can be obtained in combination, but it is not always possible to develop all the qualities in the one rope. The following will assist in the correct choice of a rope:
(a) Where very abrasive conditions are encountered, rope constructions with the largest possible outer wires or rope surface compatible with the required flexibility should be used.
(b) Where the rope can be anchored at both ends to prevent rotation, the use of Lang’s lay ropes is recommended for conditions of heavy wear and severe flexing, provided that the rope is not subjected to pinching or very heavy crushing conditions.
(c) Where the rope is subject to heavy loading and flexing over small sheaves or drums,or to heavy crushing conditions or to high temperatures, a rope with a wire rope core should be used.
(d) Where the rope operates under corrosive conditions or where ready and regular maintenance is difficult, galvanized wire ropes should be used.
(e) Where environmental conditions tend to cause abnormal deterioration of fibre cores,rope with a corrosion-resisting synthetic core or wire rope core may be used.AS 2759 pdf free download.

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